Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Those of you who took Talmud with Josh (or Dr. Kulp as some have called him) will find nothing that follows shocking.

Josh’s passion for triathlons also continues unabated, as does his love for his children even when they are sick. Best Josh quote of the week: “My daughter [who is six] is the most adorable thing, but the most disgusting things come out of her nose.”

Before beginning the 7th perek of Tractate Shabbat, we looked at four related mishnaiot in Kreitot, a section from the 3rd Century BCE Book of Jublies, a chunk of the Damascus Covenant (Dead Sea Scrolls), an article from Steve Wald on the chapter, the New Testament, Sifra, Tosefta and even Albeck’s forward to the tractate’s mishnah. And that is just the warm-up for the perek. Of course, this shows the historicity of some concepts and amazing interconnectedness within the rabbinic sources, but its a lot to hold in one brain. A lot, that is, unless your brain is actually Josh Kulp, in which case, it’s no problem.

Scary as that list sounds, it was a lot of fun to see evolution and connection between the texts. I always love this kind of thing, mind you, but everyone in the class seems to be enjoying as well.

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